Software Development Team/Scrum Master

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Sep 05, 2018
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*****Gold Star for Chicago, but remote is fine also. Work from Home*****
Software Development Team Scrum Master
About the Company:
Company provides all Insurance technology from infrastructure to distribution.
SaaS Technology built in Java. 
Company is owned by the largest Private Equity firm in the US and are funding acquisitions and expansion so there are a lot of opportunities on the horizon.
Company is leading the way in DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION at the Carrier level.  The PE firm is funding acquisitions to make this happen.
Ability to be a big fish in a small pond.
Your Task:
As the Scrum master for the development team responsible for the integration of COMPANY Technology within our customers’ environment, you are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of the developers:
You make sure the principles of our SCRUM-based methodology are followed throughout the implementation project. As such, you will enable your team to become autonomous in the planning and execution of development sprints
You will guide and assist developers on producing solutions and designs based on customer requirements and specifications, while ensuring the effective reuse of COMPANY core features and functionalities, therefore enforcing an “Adopt rather than adapt” mentality
You are responsible for ensuring implementation best practices and established patterns are followed by the team so solutions produced remain aligned with our integration methodology and easy to maintain
You report on progress of development activities for your team to the Project Manager / Product Owner, using Agile-based KPIs and tools, with focus on tracking earned value versus consumed budget, and you proactively alert when development activities are at risk of going over the budgeted effort (budgeted effort is established at a high level during project scoping and then more precisely by the team during each sprint planning)
You collaborate with the customers’ technical leads and architects to agree and decide integration strategies for our COMPANY solution.
Depending on the size of the project team you will oversee, you will be expected to take part in project software development activities just like your team members, up to 50% of your time. It will allow you to build and maintain a deep knowledge of the core product features and implementation patterns, therefore be an effective and respected coach for your team.
Internal & External Relationships
Reports into the Operations group, namely into the Technical Consulting Director. With regards to the projects you will be part of, you will report (matrix) to the Project Manager / Manager or the product owner (depending on the project size).
On a daily basis, you will be the designated contact point for the customer and product owner on one hand, the developers and the architects on the other hand.
You Need:
Track record with the technology stack for developing and building COMPANY-based applications: Java
Facilitate the Scrum events and ceremonies as necessary
Able to coach and lead the entire dev team with regards to knowledge of the COMPANY product and implementation approach
Able to use efficient techniques for managing the Product Backlog in collaboration with the Product Owner.