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Any US City
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Direct Hire
Nov 21, 2018
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***Must submit full resume to apply for position. No snapshots or summaries will be accepted.***

Chicago is first choice followed by any major city. Remote, work from home position.
  1. What is the sizzle around COMPANY? What makes your company unique? (What do you have to offer customers?)
  • Innovation-driven company – technology leader within industry; fast growth and expansion into new markets.
  • Merges the best of tech start-up with global operations – provides unique career opportunities
  • Supports multiple processes, Purchase to pay, Order to Cash, Logistic to Pay.
  • ERP agnostic, we can work with any company.
  • Digitizing business processes.
  • Put in more than 120000 Hours in R&D every year.
  • Building the world’s largest ebusiness network.
  • Fast growing “concept”, more and more companies are looking to improve and digitize their business processes. Huge business opportunity in NA and the rest of the world.
  • COMPANY supports organizations globally.
  1.  Why would a Top Tier salesperson want to come work at COMPANY?
  • Quick growth opportunity. The person will be employee #2 in the US, the more we grow the bigger the responsibilities.
  • A chance to be a part of building a company here in the U.S.
  • Be a part of the same revolution for B2B that happens to B2C when mobile phones were introduced. Industry leader, though leader.
  • We have 5 people in the organization that worked with in-house sales 5 years ago in their respective Countries.  They are now Managing Director or VP of Sales in the UK, Spain, Italy, UAE and India.
  • No limit on how much commission you can make.
  • Entrepreneurial company
  1. How will this candidate be able to flex his/her creative muscles?
  • The candidate will be employee #2 in the US and he/she will get an opportunity to be a part of building a company. He/she will not be put “in a box”, the person will be allowed to be very creative as long as it benefits the company and generates revenue.
  1. Let's demonstrate how COMPANY values its employees. Please list every benefit the company offers even the "unofficial ones".
  • Company events and trips
  • 2 big trips per year,
  • Training at HQ 
  • All expenses paid during work trips
5) What specific problems in the marketplace does your software or service resolve?
  • Manual and time-consuming invoice handling (AP & AR)
    • The need for inhouse OCR capability
    • The need for inhouse printing and mailing of invoices
  • Increased control and visibility, both customer and supplier.
  • Procurement optimization
  • Global compliance issues
    • Inhouse knowledge of global compliance 
  • Traditional & Expensive EDI departments 
    • Inhouse knowledge of EDI
    • Supporting multiple formats and communication protocols.
  • Manual and time-consuming Netting processes for large organizations
    • Intercompany invoicing between multiple ERP
Industries:_______Corporate Enterprise___________________________
Annual Salary:  MARKET based