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Direct Hire
Nov 21, 2018
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Remote-work from home position 
****MUST SUBMIT RESUME TO BE CONSIDERED. Snapshots of experience will not be accepted. 

  • P2P, AP Automation, Purchasing, Invoice Management, Expense Claims, Supplier Management, Contract Management and Financing/Payment.  (The entire P2P ecosystem).
  1. Culture
  • COMPANY has a very unique culture, the majority of my sales team has at least 5-8 years and some on the team have been here 12+, our culture is a significant reason for that.
  • COMPANY is not the common ‘dog eat dog’ sales Organization where several reps leave or get fired each year, far from it. When we hire we are very careful to hire the right candidate that will fit in and become a long standing member of the team.
  • Unlike many Peers we have been around 15+ years, we have experienced over 40 quarters of double digit growth yet we are not ruled by venture Capitalists. 
  • It means that we make decisions for the long term, we are not forced to make rash decisions to keep VC’S happy at the expense of employees.
  • The CEO is a big fan of travel and seeing that his staff also get to travel to great places and interact.  Every year the field Sales Team travels in order to mix, learn and party with our Peers and personal friends from the other European and Asian Sales Subsidiaries. So for example that has meant trips to Morocco twice, Rome, Barcelona twice, the French Alps, Lake Louise, Brazil and numerous other great venues over the years.
  • Some feedback from external studies on COMPANY as a great place to work, provided upon request.
  • The team itself is a recruiting tool and retention tool. On several occasions new hires have approached multiple members of the team to ensure they were making the right decision and coming into a supportive team, I encourage this approach as the team will give straight answers and new hires have joined as they really liked the feedback, insight and positive comments from the team. So go ahead, we have nothing to hide.
  1. COMPANY in the P2P Space, COMPANY as a Competitive / attractive proposition.
  • For many years COMPANY has been known as a Document Management and AP workflow tool. However numerous P2P wins in Europe and Asia especially in the specialty retail and luxury good space have convinced us that it’s time to expand our offering and hire and reward dedicated P2P reps who are successful.
  • Clearly Invoice Management / AP automation is a known and mature commodity in the market whereas there is the opportunity to differ and sell more on value with more holistic P2P deals.
  • Although the US pipeline is growing and we produce more AP revenue / cloud traffic than any other region we feel as though we are scraping the iceberg, predominantly we are reacting to leads, clearly there is a lot more opportunity in North America.
3      Pay
  • Reps that stay 2.5 years tend to remain 10 + years and that means a rep can come in and make good money over the long term versus having to start a fresh every 3-5 years as is common in this space.
  • We offer very fair targets compared to other Competitors and we gradually ramp up the targets to the same level as existing reps over a 3 year period.
  • We have additional incentives in place for reps that bring in new accounts and or sell P2P to existing Customers that do not currently have COMPANY P2P.
  • We pay reps upfront on 36 months of subscription.
  • COMPANY is increasingly an environment where reps that can sell process solutions such as P2P are making really good money. Last year the vast majority of my team earned over $200k, most were in the $250k range or close to $300k. One rep earned a total package in the $450k range.
  1. Training
  • COMPANY is the type of organization that invests in training reps with the best trainers and in turn we seek to practice and hone those skills. My goal is to provide training that allows reps to grow, become more independent and to be better and make more money for their families. Ultimately my intent is to help reps develop and move to the next level, I hope they remain at COMPANY, if not I wish to equip them to succeed after COMPANY.
  • Each year we invest in bringing in the best trainers to our events such as Mike Weinberg “New Sales Simplified”, Joanne Black “No more cold calling”, Jill Konrath ‘How to Sell to Big Companies’ and Joe Thomas who worked alongside Steven Covey
  • In addition, we regularly invest in dedicated 1-1 coaching using a dedicated ‘Sandler’ Sales skills trainer so that reps can participate in Team calls and strategy / coaching sessions led by the trainer and they receive 1-1 coaching from the trainer. That dedicated coaching was something that benefitted me and helped me achieve Global number 1 rep before I moved into Management. 
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Annual Salary:  MARKET based